Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hotel Photo Fakeouts

Ever stayed in a hotel that looked far nicer in the website photos than it real life?

Guys from visited several hotels and beaches taking hundreds of photos. Then they compared the photos to those that they found on the web sites of the hotels. Let's see the results.

D.R. Photo Fakeout: The myth of mega resort serenity

Jamaica Photo Fakeout: Sexy lady phenomenon

Hawaii Photo Fakeout: Say bye-bye to your serene hotel beach scene

Wedding Photo Fakeout: A classy, intimate beach wedding for everybody!

D.R. Photo Fakeout: This buffet looked more delicious in 1988

Jamaica Photo Fakeout: Breezes Montego Bay

Hawaii Photo Fakeout: The magical art of the teensy pool crop

Jamaica Photo Fakeout: Smiling gym-goers are questionable

D.C. Photo Fakeout: Ain't no lobby too small for a Kimpton wine party

Miami Photo Fakeout: The smiling gym-goer strikes again

Miami Photo Fakeout: When hotel decor goes missing

L.A. Photo Fakeout: The Incredible Shrinking Pool

Miami Photo Fakeout: Model Man goes surfing in a hot tub

Hawaii Photo Fakeout: The magical art of the teensy pool crop

L.A. Photo Fakeout: The magic of framing hides the magic of Macy's

L.A. Photo Fakeout: When flora goes missing

Las Vegas Photo Fakeout: Good luck finding a lounge chair

Source: oyster


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