Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to find discounted priced travel tickets

With the high increase in fuel, airline tickets havae become very expensive and passengers are flying less than before. Here is a list of things you can do to obtain the lowest priced tickets possible

Step1 * Coupons Codes *
Most airlines offer coupon codes, that are sent via emails. Therefore you need to subscribe all the major airlines you to receive there promotions. This sometimes give you great discount on your flights.

Step2 *Discount Tickets*
Most airlines offer discount ticket via promotion. A major way of earning discount ticket is again to subscribe to all the major airlines to receive there promotional emails. We see airline such as "Spirit and Southwest, selling tickets for $50 one-way, but you would not have know this if you did not join their mailing list. So it is very important to join the airlines mailing list.

Step3 *Unbooked flights*
All airline flight bookings are done by computers, which is done by mathematical algorithms. The software becomes aware of all unbooked flights and then lower prices accordingly in order to make sure that every seat on every flight is booked.

Again if you have already join the airline mailing list, then these unbooked seats will become available to via promotional emails. This information normally comes through the hub that you will be flying to.

Tips & Warnings
* Make sure to subscribe to all the major airline mailing list


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