Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to find luxury bargain destinations

Going on vacation doesn't have to be costly even if you want to vacation in luxury. There are places out there that offer great deals without breaking the bank. The best bet on getting bargains is not to travel in high demand periods. Here are some of the luxurious travel bargains around the globe.
Things You’ll Need:
Airline ticket
Sun tan lotion
Step1 *The Somerset on Grace Bay, Provo, Turks & Caicos*
Turks & Caicos is known for its luxury priced hotels starting from $800 per night, but amidst the pricey hotel come the Somerset on Grace Bay, This hotel boost a 11 luxury garden viewed rooms, complete with kitchenettes and price start a $275 per night. What more can you ask for when you are in paradise.
Step2 *Kuala Lumpur: The cheapest big city on the planet*
Kuala Lumpur was ranked by UBS as the world's best bargain city. You can get a first class luxury hotel for as little as $260, which includes hotel room, three meals, transportation and a theater outing.

*Ubud Hanging Gardens, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia*
This five-star property boosts 38 villas with private pools overlooking the Ayung River.Rooms are available for $270 per night.
Step3 *Spa Vilnius, Druskininkai, Lithuania*
A four-star spa hotel where you can pamper yourself for just $486. Accommodation include lodging, meals and 14 spa treatments that run the gamut from wine baths and honey massages to Chinese foot massages and chocolate peels
Step4 *Sea Dream Yacht Club, Mediterranean Cruises*
For a 7 day cruise on the Mediterranean, with a price tag of $3,699, which includes Portugal, Morocco and the Canary Islands. All meals, alcohol and gratuities are included, and you are guaranteed a five-star service.
Step5 *Awaroa Lodge; New Zealand*
Set deep within the Abel Tasman National Park, the 26-room eco-lodge will cost you $230 per night. You will have an experience of a lifetime. The rooms are have earth-toned interiors and recycled-driftwood banisters, balconies that overlook wetlands teeming with native birds.


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