Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Free Tools To Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Empire

Video marketing is all the rage now, and unless you are using this medium to deliver your message, you are missing out on a great opportunity that can make the difference between success and failure in the next marketing campaign.

Many are reluctant to start using Video Marketing, because it considers the barriers to entry: they have no money for an expensive camera and lighting package, they do not know how to work the complicated high-dollar-editing software and they have a basic lack of knowledge and expertise on how to put all together into a finished product, and then what to do with the product once it is completed.

What if I could show you how to remove those perceived barriers to entry and to all the items you already have on your computer and free software and free services you can start using right away? Once these three things, you can start making interesting, professional-looking video, syndicating them on the internet and getting your message to potentially millions of people - for free!

Items that are already on your computer as easy digital photography. It can be personal or professional in nature and in any variety of topics. If you do not have your own photos, you can use photos that you send to others or even get your own free from the web site for sharing pictures can be found by searching Google.

After the photos that you set up a free account on Animoto where you can upload your photos and create stunning, professional-looking video with cool transitions, slide text to personalize your messages, and even your music pozadinu.Softver take your photos, add text , the music you choose and mix it all for you ... No need for expensive editing software for you to buy or learn. When the process is done, the video is ready to file, you can now upload to the Internet.

After that, they want to take that video and set up a free account. TubeMogul allows you to syndicate or distribute your video over the free sharing website submission TubeMogul only once, instead of going to submit each site individually. After you submit your video to TubeMogul, the video is now ready for viewing by potentially millions of people on the web.

can use this quite often in their marketing and it's a great way to get your video seen. You can check out my intro video for my Beachbody Business here:

So, using the free photos already on your computer, free video making software on the Animoto for free video distribution service on TubeMogul, you can now be in business video marketing, no upfront cost. Make sure your computer is now the photos you want to use it, go set up a free account on Animoto and after the video was made, set up a free account on TubeMogul. After his first video and getting it on the web, and will exponentially increase the number of people exposed to the message and never return from video marketing.


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