Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Best Photos For Attracting Women Online

If there's one thing that will attract a stampede of eager women on dating sites like, it's Kick-Ass Photos ... Yes, it is somehow a big deal. Your profile picture is the first thing a woman looks at ... While the written word is a powerful tool, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I am convinced that 90% of the guys could get hot women to write them online, if they knew what the heck they were doing, a big part of it is that good image above. In other words, if you put up a great picture of yourself now, you will receive e-mail for tomorrow night.

and I'm not talking about the girls respond to e-mail you can send them ... No, I'm talking about hot women seeking to start and interact with you because they're Feelin 'you are putting out there!

If you think you're kind of so-so looks like the type who can not take a shot, do not worry. After a photo that attracts women that "10" in the looks department. It's about having the right attitude and style and letting women see through his own image. It is somehow metaphysically ...

Here are three ways to send your sexy woman vibe through pictures:

1) Look at your face.

Take a picture of yourself, and then look at it. As you look at the world from this picture? Are you looking nervous and uncomfortable? Angry and threatening? Gentle and babies like? These facial expressions are not attracted to women - so you do not use them

The practice of having a relaxed, masculine look on your face!

The best way to do that in a relaxed mood and feel manly about it. So, find things to make you feel relaxed and very courageous, and do them. Try lifting weights, and then sit in a hot-tub ... Whatever works for you.

2) Your sexy style.
No matter where you are on-line at center, club, whatever, you have your style together. You need not have any particular style ... but you must have some sort of explanation as to why you wear the clothes you wear and get your haircut. You can dress like an old weirdo and carry a wide khakis with polo shirt that is too tight!

Think of the coolest clothes you wear, then wear it in the picture.

3) a cool setting.
If you can nail the facial expression thing, then you'll be fine with a simple self-pic in the bathroom mirror. However, as set out in the cold doing something cool never hurts.

Stay away from generic photographs of herself in a bar holding a Bud-Lite, on the beach with sunglasses and no shirt, jersey in the ballpark, etc. .. These things are outrageous. Instead, get the pic myself in front of a desert mesa, or laughing in the rain, or a pumpkin patch, add a bit of poetry.

So, get that hot picture, put it on the game and see what happens. If you do not get at least one quality of a girl writing to you in the next 36 hours, do not despair. All this means that the PIC is not that good, so try another. If you show a little persistence and try a bunch of different photos you will eventually find a winner - and that's when you start winning online dating game


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